This is the place to comment on your experience at USA Karate. Whether you’re a karate student, or a parent of students, we value your opinion. You may talk about the setting, the instructors, the ambience, tournament experiences, or anything that you think might help prospective students evaluate USA Karate for their needs.

4 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Linda Knapp says:

    My 15-year-old daughter has been taking classes and competing at tournaments with USA Karate teammates for several years, and loves it. The dojo’s founder and head teacher, Shihan Joni Wilson-Sharrah, not only teaches karate for all ages and levels, she also fosters karate principles that help develop the mind, body, and spirit.

  2. Tanya Brehm says:

    My family has been at USA Karate for over ten years and we would recommend it to anyone – and we do! My children love the family atmosphere and all the fellow students there. Besides teaching traditional karate, Shihan Joni Sharrah imparts good lessons on values, character, teamwork, and responsibility in her students. Our dojo has a feeling of support for not only the students and their families, but for the community too.

  3. Gary Bloom says:

    A martial arts dojo can be intimidating. People, young and less young, are afraid of looking silly while learning something new. I’ve seen children, and I’ve seen grown men and women, all but tiptoe the first time they enter a dojo. What’s impressive about USA Karate is how many of these kids, men, women, teens, and families, tiptoe in the first time, and stay for years. I think that’s the best measure of a martial arts dojo — the number of members who stay beyond the initial excitement, beyond the phase of “I’m going to be able to kick butt/defend myself/look like Bruce Lee/impress my friends with my black belt.”

    Why do so many students continue at USA Karate for years? In part, because head instructor Joni Wilson Sharrah, has won international medals in sport karate, attained the rank of 7th-degree black belt, and attained the title of Shihan (master instructor). But mostly because Shihan Joni brings a combination of passion and compassion that’s rare in any field of instruction, especially martial arts. One moment, I’ll be watching Shihan Joni demonstrate the form that brought her rank and medals; minutes later, I’ll see her bend down to instruct a six-year-old who just joined the dojo. Shihan Joni is as dedicated to beginners as she is to black belts. She’ll expend as much effort with someone who’s struggling as she does with medal-winners. I’ve never seen Shihan Joni give up on anyone, and I think that she deeply believes that anyone, given sufficient effort, can excel.

    Shihan Joni has passed her dedication to instructors who lead or assist in many of the classes. My favorite aspect of USA Karate is that teenaged senior students, who have shown dedication, maturity, and qualities of leadership, are given the opportunity to work at the dojo and become assistant instructors. I think this is a superior experience to most other part-time jobs available to young people.

    At USA Karate, you or your children will get in shape, learn discipline, self defense, enjoy the friendly setting and, best of all, have the satisfaction of getting good at a compelling physical art.

  4. Troy Baker says:

    Over the last 15 months, each member of our family has become involved in the dojo because it’s such a positive environment. We love USA Karate and would recommend the dojo to anybody. Our family of four ranges in age from 5 years to 38 years, but each of us has found a class or activity that fits our training needs. The quality of instruction at all levels is superb, and the other students and families are active participants in the dojo family.

    Thank you, Shihan Joni and staff!

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