Holiday Closings

November 10, 2017

The dojo will be closed this Saturday, Nov 11, to observe Veterans Day.

The dojo will also be closed to celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays, Thursday through Saturday, Nov 23 – Nov 25.

Enjoy your holidays.

In-House Tournament & Dojo Picture Day, 11.4.17

October 17, 2017

In-House Tournament at the USA Karate Dojo
1535 NE 177th St. Shoreline, WA 98155
On November 4, 2017

Set-up: 8am
Events begin: 9am
Break-down: 2-3pm

Entry Deadline: Register ASAP Registration accepted at the door

$40 Flat Fee – one division or all!

Payment Options: Pay at the Dojo — Cash, check made out to USA Karate Club, or credit/debit forms of payment are available.

Events: Kata, Kumite, Kobudo, Synchronized Kata
Rules: Modified AAU rules will be in effect. See
Dress Code: Athletes must wear a solid white gi. Females must wear white tee or sport tank beneath the gi jacket. Sleeves and pants must be hemmed to appropriate length. Official Itosu- Ryu patch may be worn on the left chest. Officials must wear a solid white gi with appropriately hemmed sleeves and pant legs. An official Itosu-Ryu patch may be worn on the left chest.

Mandatory Equipment for Kumite Participants: Helmets with attached face shields for athletes under 18. Mouth guards and naugahyde fist pads for all, groin cups for male fighters of all ages.

Questions? Contact us via email:, phone: 206-440-5533 or Joni’s direct line: 206-228-2392, or come in the dojo!

Download Flyer

Shihan: Make a Commitment — and download the Fall newsletter

August 31, 2017


This is a good time to commit to consistent attendance and practice so you/your child can achieve your goals. Often, I ask students in class to identify, in one word, their main goal in karate training. You would be surprised to hear many young students say they want to “be a black belt” or “be a sensei”, “protect myself from bullies”, or “have self- esteem”. I am amazed so many students have concrete ideas of what they want to achieve in their martial arts training, yet their parents haven’t heard of their child’s intrinsic goals.

Progress in karate can only take place with consistent participation in prescribed classes, along with personal practice outside the dojo. Additionally, preparing for and taking part in karate testing and tournaments, which are typically outside your/your child’s comfort zone, enhances development and motivates students to practice.

Twice a year, we conduct tournaments to provide opportunities for our students to compete. The fall tournament is normally in early November. The spring tournament is two weeks before or after Easter depending on the availability of the venue. While we view our twice yearly tournaments as mandatory events for all dojo members, some students don’t participate, most commonly due to fear of failure.

Unfortunately, when a student or parent(s) declines tournament participation for reasons such as ‘not feeling ready’ or ‘wanting to try when they are more prepared’, that athlete will eventually enter tournaments at a bigger disadvantage. Students, with the same time in training, who didn’t ‘wait until next time’ have more competitive experience. Our divisions are categorized by time in training, not experience in competition, i.e. beginner = less than 1 year, novice = between 1 and 2 yrs, intermediate = between 2 yrs and 47 months, and advanced = 4+ yrs training.

Another block to motivation is when students, invited to participate in testing, do not attempt to test. We check several basic minimum requirements that must be met before we invite a student to test for rank. These areas are: consistent attendance, attainment of skills for their rank as demonstrated in classes, and a positive attitude. Some students do not feel ready to perform, but opting out of testing prevents the student from the possibility of promotion. Lack of promotion feeds into fear of failure, which eventually becomes a reality. Lastly, I notice high ranking students who are invited to move up into advanced classes be unwilling or unable to make schedule adjustments. In my experience, students who remain in lower classes ultimately lose their desire to attend because they are under-challenged. Progress is once again delayed, and so is the sense of gratification from working hard toward achieving something worthwhile.

I encourage you to reach out to me directly (206-228-2392 or with any questions or concerns about you/your child’s progress. There are times when you/your student may want or need to discuss strategies to improve motivation or overcome obstacles that hinder development.

Shihan Joni Sharrah, Owner/Chief Instructor

Upcoming Dojo Closures

9/1-4 Labor Day Holiday

10/31 Happy Halloween!

11/10-11 Veterans Day Holiday

11/23 Thanksgiving Day

Download the Fall 2017 back to school newsletter.

Danny Lane Super Seminar —  Spy Escape and Evasion,  starts July 27

July 19, 2017

Spy Secrets that can SAVE YOUR LIFE

  • Techniques taught to and used by federal agents and our military
  • Effective tactics that are easy to comprehend and proven to work in real life situations.
  • How to survive being kidnapped, duct taped, handcuffed, tied up with zip ties and rope, car jacked and more.
  • Skills appropriate and needed by men, women, and children of all ages and physical conditions

Available sessions include:
Safety and Survival Secrets 1 – Youth 12 & Under Thursday, July 27, 2017 5:30-6:30pm
Community Self-Defense open to the public
Non-members: $25 General members: $20 Black Belt Club & Black Belts: $15

Safety and Survival Secrets 2 – Teen/Adult Thursday, July 27, 2017 6:45-9:00pm
Community Self-Defense open to the public
Non-members: $35 General members: $25 Black Belt Club & Black Belts: $20

Youth Martial Arts (youth with under 2 years training) Friday, July 28, 2017 4:45-6:45pm
Non-members: $30 General members: $20 Black Belt Club: $15

Black Belt Self Defense – Teen/Adult Friday, July 28, 2017 7:00-9:00pm
Non-members: $35 General members: $25 Black Belt Club & Black Belts: $20

Tactical Self Defense Saturday, July 29, 2017 9:00am-noon
Non-members: $40 General members: $30 Black Belt Club & Black Belts: $25

Weapons Defense and Disarms Saturday, July 29, 2017 1:00-4:00pm
Non-members: $40 General members: $30 Black Belt Club & Black Belts: $25

The online link for registration/payment is As always, participants are welcome to come into the dojo and pay with cash, check, or charge that way.

For details, Download the flyer.

Road to China Dinner and Silent Auction – support our team competing in China

July 17, 2017
Can you help the local amateur athletes with their goal to attend the AAU National Karate Championships and/or the Japan Itosu-ryu Karate-do International Federation World Championships this summer? USA Karate Club has been developing world class athletes for more than 25 years and has sent teams all over the world.

We are looking for items or sponsorships for our upcoming Silent Auction to offset travel expenses and entry fees. ALL proceeds from the auction will go toward the athlete travel fund and, with your help, we can help these athletes achieve their elite- level competition goals.

Item donations and auction purchases may be tax deductible and we welcome cash donations made directly to the fund. We will highlight all the businesses and individuals in our marketing efforts as well as recognizing contributors at the event.

The Road to China Dinner and Silent Auction supports the student athlete travel fund. People can donate items or services, attend the auction, and/or donate directly to the USA Karate Club. (Flyer for dinner attached). Procurement forms are available in the dojo or via email in pdf form.

The online link to purchase a dinner and auction ticket is And again, everyone is welcome to do everything the old-fashioned way (aka not online). Please make sure to note that ALL proceeds go into the not for profit, 501c3 USA Karate Club to be used for athlete travel expenses and registration fees.

Both items (donate by July 27) for the auction of August 4, and sponsorships are welcome. For details, please download PDF.

Train With an Expert in Self-Defense, and other news

June 14, 2017

Grand Master Denny Lane, a highly sought-after tactical self-defense instructor, and one of Chuck Norris’ top students, will teach a seminar on July 27. I took his seminar years ago, and found it excellent.

For further information on self-defense classes, an auction fund-raiser, tournament results and information, and other news, please download the June, 2017, Newsletter.

Shihan Joni on Taxing Marital Arts Schools, and the March Newsletter

March 2, 2017

I am so grateful for the regular participation and support of our students, their family members, and friends. As you know, the State of Washington is looking for every cent big or small to cover shortfalls in the State Budget. While USA Karate Academy has not increased tuition fees since 2008, the State of Washington has classified all martial arts activities conducted in any facility that is NOT a community center, as a retail sales item. Due to this unintended taxation, our students are subjected to an increase of fees due to the new tax.

Most of you know that since October 2016, I have been actively involved with a grassroots group, the Washington State Martial Arts Association, which banded together to get the taxation repealed. Some of you have sent money, testified, signed petitions, written letters or emails, or called your representatives, to compel our representatives to bring Senate Bills and House Bills to the floor for lawmakers to repeal the unintended tax. Thank you for your continued support.
Because Martial Arts training is an excellent catalyst for students to develop healthy life-styles, as well as skills for personal protection, and a host of other great benefits, the effort to fight this taxation without representation, is well worth it.

As our school continues to face the financial pressure of increasing fees from the retail sales tax that has been passed onto our students, I assure you all that we are committed to continue offering martial arts training to our community.
In a last ditch effort to right this wrong, please contact your Senator to make sure SB5220 or SB5205 gets a hearing, out of committee and a vote in the Senate. Ask your Representative to make sure HB1032 gets out of committee and a vote in the House of Representatives.
Your legislator isn’t going to answer the phone so don’t worry. Tell their staff member, leave a voicemail, send an email, send a letter. Ask your friends to do the same.

With the support of you, our students, families, and friends of our dojo, we can continue to be a place of positivity, and personal growth now and in the years to come.

Download the March Newsletter.

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