• Wear the prescribed uniform to class.
  • Bring your equipment each time.
  • Yellow Belts and above should have their own safety gear.
  • When ill or injured please notify the office and teachers prior to the
    start of class.
  • Please learn and practice the dojo etiquette and rules as outlined in
    the Welcome Packet.
  • Make every effort to make up missed classes as soon as possible.
  • If you would like a progress check, please let us know so that we
    can assess your skills. Progress checks occur every 4-6 weeks in the
    regular classes. Students must be physically present to receive feedback
    about their progress.

Class descriptions are used to group students of similar skill and
maturity levels to optimize the content of each class. If students become
over or under-challenged let us know right away so we can arrange a private
conference to assess the students’ goals and needs. To progress
appropriately, plan to attend classes twice a week.

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