Fall, ‘17 Newsletter & In-house Tournament Results

November 18, 2017

From Shihan:

As I look forward to my 37th year in martial arts, I am grateful for all martial arts has enabled me to achieve as a person and to offer to our great community. It was a blessing in disguise letting go of our Annual Pacific Northwest Karate-do Classic tournament this year as it allowed us to host an in-house tournament for our very own dojo members.

Our in-house tournament gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the art and sport of karate-do in a fun, non-intimidating environment. All our students’ karate skills shined brightly at every level. Newer students were able to get a glimpse of what a karate tournament is like and parents of our students had a chance to get to know one another.

The new leaders of our dojo (senpai) were able to practice judging, officiating, refereeing, and organizing.

For those of you who may have missed the event, we announced that Sensei Justin Wilson is returning to the dojo as our new Program Director. After 4.5 years, Sensei Justin returned from living in Japan where he worked in private education. He is eager to utilize his experience in education to refine our classes and operations at the karate school. Sensei looks forward to getting to know our dojo family, so please introduce yourself if you haven’t already.

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Download In-house tournament 2017 results.


Train With an Expert in Self-Defense, and other news

June 14, 2017

Grand Master Denny Lane, a highly sought-after tactical self-defense instructor, and one of Chuck Norris’ top students, will teach a seminar on July 27. I took his seminar years ago, and found it excellent.

For further information on self-defense classes, an auction fund-raiser, tournament results and information, and other news, please download the June, 2017, Newsletter.

Nov-Dec, 2015, Newsletter – Tournament Report and other information

November 21, 2015

Our newsletter with recent tournament results, and future tournament news. Download Nov-Dec Newsletter 2015

Two bulletins:

Safety Reminder

Please remember to come inside the dojo to pick up youth students after class. The safety of the children in our karate program are in the hands of respective parents and guardians. Please help your children remember that horseplay is not allowed in the dojo or the parking lot at any time.

Washington State Tax Law Changes

Beginning January 1, all martial arts schools will be required to charge sales tax on tuition. Martial arts training and activities will be considered retail sales according to House Bill 1550. As a small business, we unfortunately cannot absorb that cost, so your monthly tuition will show a 9.5% increase. Please consider signing the online petition through change.org to see this law amended.

2013 PN AAU Karate District Championships Results

April 19, 2013

From Shihan Joni Sharrah:

We had a wonderful time at the tournament.  Thank you so much for all your help. I think the time and score keepers did a fantastic job. We also had a smooth running event and finished all events at 3:00 pm.

In addition, having Sensei Linda Donner, member of the AAU Karate National Referee Council update the referee corps the night before as well as oversee the officials the day of the tournament created a consistent level of play in all the rings.

All athletes that participated have qualified to participate in the AAU Karate National Championships to be conducted in Cincinatti, Ohio June 26-June 29th. Details can be obtained by visiting www.aaukarate.org.

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More Ceremony

More Ceremony

Young award winner with Shihan

Young award winner with Shihan

Volunteers get ready

Volunteers get ready



Thank you to all those who made the 18th Pacific Northwest Karate-do Classic a Success!

November 12, 2012

Excellent attendance at the Pacific Northwest Karate Classic










18TH PN Karate-DO CLASSIC Results

Spring Tournament Results

April 7, 2011

Something funny happend on the way to the 19-34 year-old gold medal in Men’s Advanced Kumite. The final match was between 52 year-old Jimmie Sornito and 40 year-old Tyrone Bowens, with Tyrone winning for USA Karate. Next year, we’re going to bring a calculator and calculate all the ages between 19 and 34, but intuition informs me that neither 40 nor 52 fits. This was, by the way, the second time Tyrone beat a (mostly) younger group for the gold.

Where were the younger black belts? Mostly, both men and women, working as judges and at the scoring table. Go figure.

USA Karate had a lot of young gold medal winners and a few older ones:

For Kata:
Sean Gay-Luiye, 6 & under, Male Beginner; Andres Ruiz, 7 & 8, Male Novice; Michael Hewitt, 9 & 10 Male Beginner; Mohammed Sheikh, 15 & 16, Male Beginner; Sara Mar, 17 & 18, Female Advanced; Rebekah Demirel, 35 & up, Female Novice Kata.

For Kumite:
Tavin Peterson, 7 & 8, Male Novice; Thomas Marbut, 11 & 12, Male Novice; Anel Ruiz, 17 & 18, Female Advanced; Jeff Owens, 35 & up, Male Novice; Irwin Batara, 35 & up, Male Advanced.

Irwin Batara won his first Outstanding Athlete award for a USA Karate-sponsored tournament, for the 35 and up, Male Advanced.

Linda Knapp was back with her camera and posted photos from the tournament. At her website, click on Our Spring 2011 Tourn for this tournament’s photos.

Also, see Leigh’s photos on the USA Karate Academy Facebook page.

Complete tournament results.

2010 PNW Karate-Do Classic Tournament Results

November 30, 2010

Yes, we did have a tournament and there were results. We had to make a few corrections before posting. The following are highlights of USA Karate athletes:

Alyssa Korth won golds in Kata (forms), Kumite (sparring), and Kobudo (weapons) — the first two in 11-12 Female Intermediate, and the last in 9-12 Female Intermediate/Advanced.

Leigh Gardner repeated last spring’s goldmining. She took firsts in 35 & up Female Intermediate/Advanced Kobudo, and Kata, and won a close (so I was told) sparring match over Peggy Chelgren to take the gold medal in the 35 & up Advanced Female Kumite.

Additional golds won by USA Karate athletes included Victor De Armas (6 & under M/F Novice Kata), Seamus McArthur (7 & 8 M Beginner Kata), Morgan Owens (7 & 8 F Beginner/Novice Kata), Anthony Vallejo (11 & 12 M Beginner Kata), Dolan Edney (15 & 16 M Intermediate/Advanced Kata), and Jack Chelgren (17 & 18 M Advanced Kumite).

Don’t try this at home

Pop quiz: Which young 20s out-of-shape male was ahead 5 to 3 over last year’s 19-34 M Advanced Kumite winner, in the final minute (out of three), and was carrying two jogais (out-of-ring penalties), and had to dance on the tightrope to avoid a third (and disqualifying) jogai?

(A) Chris
(B) Justin

If you answered “A,” you are right. If you answered “B,” you are also right. If you answered, “Stupid Gary forgot (C) All of the above,” then you were paying way too much attention to the match and not nearly enough to thumbing out messages to your Facebook Friends. Justin did not survive the tiptoe and was disqualified, while Chris avoided his third Jogai and avenged last spring’s loss to Dan Nicholson to win the gold.

Does this mean that, if you’re too busy-to-train because you’re working, going to school, or thumbing out messages to your Facebook Friends, you can waltz in and win maybe the most competitive event at the tournament? Apparently — if you are in your early 20s and started your martial arts training during the ride in with the stork (Justin), or just after waving farewell to your kindergarten teacher (Chris), and you are a super-athlete, and no other top competitor is in great shape. Otherwise…

Old Friends

After a two-year absence, former USA Karate members, Tyrone, Tailon, and Teilan Bowens showed at the tournament. Tyrone competed in the 19-34 M Advanced Kumite, though he’s a couple of years older than 34, while his sons were a huge help in working the scorekeeping tables. Tony Wilson returned after a long absence to help as a Center Official. Emily and Bria came down from Western to help officiate.

Missing in Action

Abby was off competing in an international tournament. Tanya was busy willing her new house to completion. Jon, Sarah, and Denise were still on a double-secret assignment in Hawaii. Pete was vacationing in Bermuda. (I hope he knew that it rains there, too.) The Lisantis moved to the Midwest. (I hope that they knew that is snows there all winter.)

The Peter Principle

Shihan assigned me to coordinate the scoring table volunteers, whereas I promptly lectured a nearly completely inexperienced crew on last year’s and no longer current scoring rules. Luckily, no one listens to me. Also lucky, was Kate keeping an eye out for experienced help and hustling them over to me. At the beginning of the tournament, we had only three or four scorekeepers who knew what they were doing. Thanks to those such as Anel, who did all the scorekeeping for a ring without accepting a single break. And thanks to young people who pick up skills, quickly. By the end of the tournament, we had a bunch of competent scorekeepers.

Thanks to Shihan Joni and Coach Alan, the athletes, and volunteers for another great tournament.

That’s what I saw through my keyhole. Please add additional (or contradicting) observations in comments, below.

Complete Tournament Results

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