Happy Summer, Closed on July 4th

June 13, 2015

With school years wrapping up, students and parents get overwhelmed with events. We have a few dojo announcements, or rather reminders, for everyone that may have lost the information in the shuffle.

1) Our new Saturday morning class schedule is in effect! Tournament Training (Black Belt Club or by invitation) is 8:30-10:30 and All-Levels Class (appropriate for make-ups) is 10:30-11:30.

2) Belt testing is next Wednesday. Testing is by invitation only, but we encourage everyone to come and support their fellow karate-ka. Youth testing is 5:30-6:30 and Teen/Adult testing is 7:00-8:30. There is no formal warm-up, so please arrive 15 minutes early for independent warm-up. If you’re not testing and regularly attend Wednesday classes, you can make up the following Thursday evening or attend the Saturday All-Levels class.

3) Early Bird Registration for Summer Day Camp is closing next Monday, June 15th. Sign up now to get the Early Bird Discount!

4) Don’t forget to participate in our Summer Dojo Challenge. The challenge consists of 30 days of karate fitness and can be completed in any order. A parent, senpai, or sensei needs to initial each challenge completed. When you succeed, you’ll earn a USA Karate Academy patch and a certificate to be posted in the dojo. All belt levels are encouraged to participate.

5) The dojo is closed Saturday, July 4th for Independence Day. Have a safe and happy holiday!

As always, feel free to come into the dojo or call us with any questions. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Congratulations Graduates, Dojo Closures, and Future Events

December 20, 2012

Congratulations Graduates!

We would like to congratulate all the hard working karate-ka for showcasing their best work during our last testing. Congratulations to Isaac K., Sophia K., and Temsegan N. for achieving 10th Kyu-Ho yellow belt, Jason Q., Dacotah P., Brian P., Bradley I., Carmine T., Hannah W., and Ava A. for achieving 10th Kyu orange belt, Gabby L., Jackson P.M., Jaryd R., and Alec P. for achieving 9th Kyu blue belt, Sean B., Sean L.G., Earl, Edwin, Red, and Stanley G. for achieving 8th Kyu high-blue belt, Daniel T., Jonathan T., and Mason K. for achieving 7th Ku purple belt, Alicia L., Jared Y., Vince S., and Jamie F. for achieving 6th Kyu high-purple belt, Michael H., Greta H., and Seamus M. for achieving 5th Kyu green belt, Tavin P., Kasey K., and Dane P. for achieving 4th Kyu high-green belt, Mika N., Kyle D., Eric D., and Lyle H. for achieving 2nd Kyu mid-brown belt, and Thomas M. for achieving 1st Kyu high- brown belt.

Congratulations to all and keep up the hard work!

Dojo Closures!

The dojo will be closed to observe the holidays on the following dates:

  • Monday, December 24
  • Tuesday, December 25
  • Monday, December 31
  • Tuesday, January 1


  • Monday, January 21 to observe Martin Luther King Day

With winter weather on its way please refer to the Shoreline School District webpage for closures due to  hazardous weather as the dojo will also be closed.

Also, if you ever feel the road conditions are unsafe for travel, please stay home and practice! You can also make up missed classes at a later time.

Future Events!

It is time to plan for the new year! Please keep in mind that upcoming testing dates are tentative.

January 2013

  • 19th- Black Belt Testing at USA Karate Academy
  • 21st- Dojo CLOSED
  • 26th- 40th Steveston International Anniversary Tournament in Richmond, BC

February 2013

  • 16th- PSW District Championships AAU Pacific in San Diego, CA (for more information: www.aaukarate.org)
  • 18th- Dojo CLOSED in observance of President’s Day
  • 23rd- 21st Annual Invitational Walla Walla Karate-do in Touchet, WA (www.thekaratecenter.org)

March 2013

April  2013

  • 6th-Pacific Northwest AAU District Championships in Edmonds, WA

Remember this is the tournament that we host and all student participation is expected. More information can be found at http://www.aaukarate.org

Happy holidays from all the staff at USA Karate Academy!

If an eligible testing candidate misses testing, now what?

December 4, 2011

Most of the candidates scheduled for testing on December 3, 2011 passed their tests, some missed,  and there are a  few students who were present that did not fulfill all the requirements to pass.   A makeup test may be available for those who missed but arrangements must be made and cleared with Shihan Joni Sharrah.   Advanced students require more time for assessment so students currently High Blue and above that missed their evalution may need to wait for the next full testing cycle to present their skills to the Board of Black Belts.  Those few students who were not able to demonstrate all the required technical skills to pass and graduate to their next belt rank are being encouraged to arrive to the dojo at least 15 minutes prior to their regular class start time,  are invited to practice at Open Gym, and strongly urged to practice at home at least 15 minutes on the off days so that when the necessary skills are demonstrated, the student will be able to complete their test and earn their next belt rank.  Each case is different so it is essential for those with questions and concerns to address Shihan Joni Sharrah directly for help in understanding the options available to you or your child.

Congratulations Graduates You Rock!

December 3, 2011

Traditional karate testing is intended to help a student learn something they did not know about themself, the lesson is priceless when the lesson is lived and learned. It is true; with a willing mind anything is possible!  Inspiring demonstrations were observed yet, more importantly, confidence was born in the candidates who submitted themselves to the rigor of intense assessements and grading that demanded correct form, a positive attitude,and an intense fighting spirit, all under the microscope of a public demonstration among peers, family and community members, some known, some not.  We at USA Karate Academy value the art of traditional karate-do and acknowledge and appreciate the families that treasure the same values.

Belt rank testing December 3, 2011

November 30, 2011

Congratulations to those candidates who are eligible to attend the belt rank testing, Saturday, December 3, 2011.  We mindfully select students for testing based on the following,

  • Date of last promotion
  • Attendance records
  • Minimum technical skills acquired
  • Effort and attitude
  • Participation in class and events hosted by the dojo
  • Ability to meet or exceed individual potential

Once eligibility is met, invitations to candidates are sent by US Mail, then other items are reviewed – The Home Report and the School Report.

Candidates attend testing time based on their rank and age.  Please review your scheduled time and attend accordingly.

Students who have not been identified as candidates for this testing time period are being assessed for stripes on their belt.  If a student normally attends the 11 am class and are not testing this Saturday we recommend that you attend the 10 am class this week.

Testing and rank promotion days are appropriate for parents, friends, and family members to observe their karate-ka in action.  It is also one of the few times during the year that picture taking and videography are allowed in the dojo.

We are looking forward to celebrating the success of those who have progressed and learning from the test itself for further development in the future.

USA Karate News and Dojo Reminders

September 2, 2011

Students and parents of those who who attend USA Karate Academy can find important reminders for the upcoming season by clicking on the the following link. Sept_2011 News

Dates to Remember

August 18, 2011
  • September 1, 2011 – Club registration forms and fees are due
  • August 29-September 2, 2011 – Buddy Week
  • September 5, 2011 –    Dojo Closed to Observe Labor Day
  • September 24, 2011 – Rank Promotion
  • November 4, 2011    – Rank Promotion
  • November 11, 2011 –  Dojo Closed to Observe Veteran’s Day

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