Shihan Joni on Taxing Marital Arts Schools, and the March Newsletter

I am so grateful for the regular participation and support of our students, their family members, and friends. As you know, the State of Washington is looking for every cent big or small to cover shortfalls in the State Budget. While USA Karate Academy has not increased tuition fees since 2008, the State of Washington has classified all martial arts activities conducted in any facility that is NOT a community center, as a retail sales item. Due to this unintended taxation, our students are subjected to an increase of fees due to the new tax.

Most of you know that since October 2016, I have been actively involved with a grassroots group, the Washington State Martial Arts Association, which banded together to get the taxation repealed. Some of you have sent money, testified, signed petitions, written letters or emails, or called your representatives, to compel our representatives to bring Senate Bills and House Bills to the floor for lawmakers to repeal the unintended tax. Thank you for your continued support.
Because Martial Arts training is an excellent catalyst for students to develop healthy life-styles, as well as skills for personal protection, and a host of other great benefits, the effort to fight this taxation without representation, is well worth it.

As our school continues to face the financial pressure of increasing fees from the retail sales tax that has been passed onto our students, I assure you all that we are committed to continue offering martial arts training to our community.
In a last ditch effort to right this wrong, please contact your Senator to make sure SB5220 or SB5205 gets a hearing, out of committee and a vote in the Senate. Ask your Representative to make sure HB1032 gets out of committee and a vote in the House of Representatives.
Your legislator isn’t going to answer the phone so don’t worry. Tell their staff member, leave a voicemail, send an email, send a letter. Ask your friends to do the same.

With the support of you, our students, families, and friends of our dojo, we can continue to be a place of positivity, and personal growth now and in the years to come.

Download the March Newsletter.

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