USA Karate Academy – July News

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Happy summertime! Enjoy the longer days as you keep up with training and classes. Remember, preparation for international tournaments starts well in advance of competition. Don’t let your fun in sun keep you from success and progress in the art of karate-do.

Black Belt Only (Mostly) Training

NO Black Belt Training this month! Next session: August 6, 2016

USA Karate Academy Black Belts, 11:30am – 1:30pm

Beginning after the mid-summer hiatus, 3rd kyu and higher students over the age of 13 are invited to join Black Belt Training. Current black belts should plan to attend (if unable, please let Shihan Joni know in advance). ALL Black Belts who
are part of our infinity circle are welcome.

Updates and Announcements

Karate Summer Day Camp – this August 15 – 19

Don’t forget to register for karate summer day camp! Camp is a week of crafts, games, and martial arts. Campers are NOT required to be current USA Karate

Academy students!

If you are a former camper, please spread the word on how much you enjoyed it. We currently have more interested helpers than we have registered campers!
Registration and $50 deposit due August 1. Full amount due August 10. Before and after care are available. Sign up now!

Congratulations Abby!

As a member of the USA National Team, Abby recently traveled to Dublin Ireland foranother international karate competition. Please join us in welcoming her home! We’re meeting at Spiro’s Pizza (buy your own), date and time TBA.

Upcoming Tournaments

International Tournament Team Announcements:

Listen for meeting announcements as the final preparatory meeting for China will be sometime this summer. Parents of minors and all athletes intending to participate in international competition are required to attend. Eligibility for team participation and partial travel scholarships depends upon attendance (of both parents and students). We’ll discuss fundraisers, training plans, and what to expect from international competition.

Shihan endorses participation in the following tournaments:

  • July 5-9 – 2016 AAU Karate National Championships, Ft. Lauderdale FL (must participate
    in District Championship to qualify)
  • July 23-24 – International Traditional Karate-Do Championship, San Diego CA
  • July 30-31West Coast AAU Jr. Olympic Games, Los Angeles CA

As always, speak with Shihan regarding your participation prior to signing up!

Upcoming Closures

The dojo will be closed on

July 2-4 for Independence Day. Students missing classes are invited to make up the time at any class suiting their schedule and rank. Enjoy this small break with your loved ones as we celebrate our country’s founding.

Contact Us

Joni Sharrah
USA Karate

Gear and Uniform Orders

We will be making gear and gi orders this summer. Interested in a tournament gi, need to order larger sizes of uniforms or sparring equipment? We order it all!

Yellow belt students and higher should begin gathering sparring gear. The sooner you have equipment, the more you can use it in class. Plan ahead for sparring success and support the school at the same time.

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

Happy Birthday to our July babies: Bryan Z., Bastian Q., Abby Knapp, Ben S., Michael H., Maya B., Thao B., Anthony V., Samya M., and Harper K. Also, Shihan Joni!

Have a wonderful birthday!

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