2012 Gasshuku

Historically, Gasshuku has been a time of community, connection, and camaraderie. The word Gasshuku means “a special training away from home” and entails several days of rigorous training at a place away from your regular Dojo.

When I think of Gasshuku, it inspires excitement and anticipation. I am reminded of long friendship-building car trips, early mornings, late nights, and blissfully sore muscles. It is a time to share — whether it be hard work, sweat, skills, food, lodging, or conversation, and it is a time to reconnect with the spirit and joy of Karate.

Black belts, brown belts, and adult Black Belt Club members are invited to join us for a weekend of training, friendship, sweat, and laughter. Below is the Gasshuku information flyer, which can also be found at the dojo along with the sign-up sheet. We hope to see you on the weekend of October 19th in Leavenworth!


2012 Gasshuku Info


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