Dojo OPEN for regular training January 2, 2012

USA Karate Academy of Shoreline, WA is open for regular training this Monday, January 2, 2012. Students are welcome to attend any class that fits their schedule to make up any missed classes as soon as possible. Attending regularly, making up missed classes is essential for students to not only improve skills, but to FEEL progress. Lack of feeling progress is one of the most common reasons why a student may discontinue training. We also encourage practicing not only at home, but attending OPEN GYM. Open Gym occurs each Thursday at 6:00 pm – 7:40 pm. The dojo is available for guided practice, but is for serious students who can manage their time, and utilize their own self discipline. Most people underestimate the value of practicing during Open Gym and usually attend open gym to prepare for a belt progress test or upcoming tournament, almost as though they can “cram” for success. However, the best success in karate training comes from frequent, intense, and consistent practice. Jump start the New Year in karate training by showing up to class, open gym, and make ups!

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