PN AAU Karate Invitational Practice Tournament October 22, 2011

All students, parents, family members and friends of USA Karate Academy are invited to attend and participate in the PN AAU Karate Invitational Practice Tournament. Find all the details by clicking here: 2011 Flyer & Fact sheet .  Registration Forms can be found here: 2011_Registration_ConcussionForm

ALL participants that attend classes at USA Karate Academy are strongly encouraged to attend the event as part of learning the aspect of sport karate.   Classes on Saturday will not be available on Saturday, October 22, 2011, due to this family focused on fun event.

We invite everyone to bring their own light snacks, water and sport drinks, ONLY WATER is allowed in the Gymnasium, there is a snack area that is designated for consuming snacks.   

Immediately following the event, there will be a Pizza Party at the dojo. 


What do our students and their family need to do?  They need to sign up to volunteer as time and score keepers for this event.  There is a sign up sheet on the display cases at the dojo.  They also need to register as soon as possible if they plan to participate.

Is it too late to register?  It is not too late to register, but the sooner you do, the smoother the competition day will run. 

Want to compete, but don’t feel ready? This tournament is the perfect one for you because it is a practice event that will allow each participant to get their feet wet and experience a tournament without the fear of failure.  The greatest obstacle students must overcome is the fear of the unknown, but class content has been geared toward preparing for this event, so everyone should give it a try.

We need more details or have questions not answered yet? Talk to Shihan Joni, Sensei Tony, Sensei Justin, Sempai Anel or Jan.  Each one of our staff members will try to answer your questions and help you understand the process.

One Response to PN AAU Karate Invitational Practice Tournament October 22, 2011

  1. Joni Sharrah says:

    Thanks Gary Bloom, for letting us know that on the FACT Sheet page their is an editing error in two places; Tournament Date is OCTOBER 22, 2011 NOT 2010, and Entry Deadline for best rate stated “October 15, 2010”. Too late to edit these now. We are still accepting registrations and will honor the pregistration best rate up through October 21, 2011.

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