Belt Test and Promotion June 3rd

Nearly 25 testing candidates have been identified for belt test and promotion scheduled to take place Friday, June 3, 2011 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Parents, family members, and friends are welcome to observe the testing and cameras as well as video filming is approved.  The Black Belts of USA Karate Academy are requested to provide assistance for grading.  Good luck to all of the candidates.  Please follow the guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful experience in testing.

We encourage all testing candidates to do do the following:

  • Review the WELCOME PACKET concerning testing, progress checks and evaluations.  Go over dojo etiquette, guidelines for safety, and the principles.
  • Complete and turn in to the office the testing registration packet along with registration fees no later than 2 days prior to the test date.
  • Arrive to the dojo and be on the dojo mat for warm ups 15 minutes prior to the established start time of testing cermonies.
  • Bring a notebook with your testing outline along with all other karate documents that you have received since the inception of of your training.
  • Wear a clean, pressed, complete karate gi and obi.  
  • Yellow belts and above must bring all of the sparring equipment as prescribed.

 Complete safety gear is mandatory for all candidates, yellow belt and above. Youths 18 & under are required to wear an approved helmet with a face shield.  (For those who do not have one yet, the has a few of these helmets to borrow on on hand)  Other safety equipment that is required inlude mouthguard, naughahyde fist pads, and groin protection for males.  USA Karate Academy normally has the required equipment in stock and if the item is not currently available, an order may be placed with a 50% deposit and the balance paid at time of receipt of ordered items.

The dollars spent on a retail item directly supports the dojo.  We thank you in advance for purchasing all your martial arts equipment and uniforms directly from USA Karate Academy.

2 Responses to Belt Test and Promotion June 3rd

  1. Kent Forschmiedt says:

    Thanks to Joni, Alan and all of the black belts for a great event. Here’s a group photo.

  2. Joni Sharrah says:

    Thanks for the photo and glad you enjoyed the testing. We appreciate the support.

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