Spring Tournament Results

Something funny happend on the way to the 19-34 year-old gold medal in Men’s Advanced Kumite. The final match was between 52 year-old Jimmie Sornito and 40 year-old Tyrone Bowens, with Tyrone winning for USA Karate. Next year, we’re going to bring a calculator and calculate all the ages between 19 and 34, but intuition informs me that neither 40 nor 52 fits. This was, by the way, the second time Tyrone beat a (mostly) younger group for the gold.

Where were the younger black belts? Mostly, both men and women, working as judges and at the scoring table. Go figure.

USA Karate had a lot of young gold medal winners and a few older ones:

For Kata:
Sean Gay-Luiye, 6 & under, Male Beginner; Andres Ruiz, 7 & 8, Male Novice; Michael Hewitt, 9 & 10 Male Beginner; Mohammed Sheikh, 15 & 16, Male Beginner; Sara Mar, 17 & 18, Female Advanced; Rebekah Demirel, 35 & up, Female Novice Kata.

For Kumite:
Tavin Peterson, 7 & 8, Male Novice; Thomas Marbut, 11 & 12, Male Novice; Anel Ruiz, 17 & 18, Female Advanced; Jeff Owens, 35 & up, Male Novice; Irwin Batara, 35 & up, Male Advanced.

Irwin Batara won his first Outstanding Athlete award for a USA Karate-sponsored tournament, for the 35 and up, Male Advanced.

Linda Knapp was back with her camera and posted photos from the tournament. At her website, click on Our Spring 2011 Tourn for this tournament’s photos.

Also, see Leigh’s photos on the USA Karate Academy Facebook page.

Complete tournament results.

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