All Dojo Softball Game!

Hello USA Karate-ka!
You are all invited to play a softball game with all your karate friends next Saturday August 28th, at 3:30.
We will hold the game at Evergreen ballfields in Mountlake Terrace.  Here is a link to the address:
Sempai Irwin is kind enough to let us use his softball equipment, so just bring the following:
A glove
A smile
some sort of snack to share
whatever you might want to drink
There are some BBQ grills at the field if someone wishes to grill some hot dogs, but lets keep the food simple!
We will plan on having big folks, lil’ folks and everyone in between play. 
Mark your calendars for a fun afternoon, (and no gis, they might get dirty!) 
If you have any questions please ask Sempai Irwin, Sempai Pete, or Shihan Joni!

One Response to All Dojo Softball Game!

  1. jsharrah says:

    We had such a great time with all the families that came out for just a day of fun. We’ll be putting this on our annual calendar of family fun events.

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