A new schedule will begin in September!

Keep posted for a new schedule set to begin this September. The classes are being designed to meet the specific needs of our karate students and their evolving skills.

4 Responses to A new schedule will begin in September!

  1. Marty Josund says:

    Anika made the Shorecrest JV soccer team, they have matches on tues/thurs… I’ll be able to attend class on mondays and wednesdays this fall and still be able to watch her games.

  2. Joni Sharrah says:

    Congratulations to Anika! Glad to hear that you will be able to attend classes on Mon/Wed.

  3. Greta Hardin says:

    I like the move of weapons class out of Friday, and into the week. That Friday commitment was causing turmoil in the spring and summer with other Family stuff.

  4. Ghada Abdalla says:

    Hi Joni,
    I like this new schedule as Serag can attend the Monday class from 6:45 to 7:45 for Teens/adults white to purple or the Wedensday class at the same time

    Thank you, Ghada

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