2010 Gasshuku and Dan Rank Testing!

USA Karate Academy conducted their annual Gasshuku and Leadership training August 6,7,8. Subjects covered by Shihan Joni Sharrah included plyometric training to enhance elite athletic performance, review of classical katas, and instruction in advanced Itosu and Higaonna Shito-Ryu katas. Sensei Alan Sharrah instructed the group on the subject of Judo techniques to improve off-balancing techniques as well as advanced self-protection skills. Sempai Irwin Batara shared his knowledge of escrima and arnis stick fighting tactics that added an extra element of awareness for protection against bladed weapons, and short sticks. Sempai Peggy Mayer Chelgren led the group in effective teaching techniques, Sensei Chris Hoy and Sensei Justin Wilson led the group in their unique specialties. 20 attendees participated in the 20 hour training session, which culminated with the awarding of Shodan ranks to Leigh Gardner and Gyles Batara.

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