Dojo Remodel – Help Wanted

We plan to remodel the dojo over the holidays; hence the dojo is closed December 24, 25, 26, and December 31, January 1st, and 2nd. We will be looking for volunteers to help with the dojo make-over on December 26th and 27th as well as January 1st and 2nd.

In preparing for the dojo remodel, all current martial arts supplies in stock is 15% off. Sparring equipment, such as helmets with face shields, hand pads, protective gear, uniforms, mouthpieces, weapons etc… all will be 15% off. The Black Belt Club Discount can not be combined with this offer.

One Response to Dojo Remodel – Help Wanted

  1. Joni Sharrah says:

    USA Karate dojo members will return to find bleacher-style seating for class visitors and a more spacious feeling in the training hall.

    The member service area has been relocated to be combined with the private office.

    A new storage area has been created, 2 larger dressing room areas are in the works too.

    The sink has been removed to allow for better storage of striking equipment.

    None of these improvements would have been possible without our supportive members.

    We can’t list all that has been accomplished so far, but consider this; there is more to be done.

    Our members’ support of projects like these are the key to the continued growth and development of our program.

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