Bye Hie

Jon is like the annoying kid in the front row who raises his hand to answer all the teacher’s questions. Except in this case, Jon is always raising his hand to volunteer for the unpaid dirty work — the metaphorical toilet cleaning — at the dojo. Who will be responsible for getting the dojo cleaned? Jon: I will. Who will rent a truck and bring and return chairs, tables, and so forth for the tournament? Jon: I will. Who will help my son with a emergency roadside service? Jon: I will. You know Jon will get some bread from The Little Red Hen.

Jon’s employer has transferred him to Honolulu. He will return here for a few days, once a month, to do some work and see his family. Denise, Emily, and Sarah will be staying around Edmonds for a time to be determined. Emily goes off to Western next fall. Denise is in grad school but, luckily, there’s a branch of her school in Honolulu if she needs to make a change. Sarah has been looking forward to increased leadership at the dojo, but might have to miss that. Seventy-five percent of the Hies train at USA Karate, and all have close friends here. Some good fortune, but mostly sad news for the Hies. All sad news for the rest of us.

I recommend that everyone join me in my chosen response: I plan to remain in the first stage of grief — denial — forever, or until Jon returns, whichever comes first.

4 Responses to Bye Hie

  1. Denise says:

    Aww, thank you so much for that lovely post, Gary. While we will need to look forward to the wonderful possibilities and opportunities in the future, we are saddened by this sudden uprooting. One bit of good news is that when Jon is in town, you students WILL still get to work out with him, as he will get there any chance he can, to work out with you all.

  2. Jon Hie says:

    You are too kind and I am very humbled. For my part I will miss the Dojo and all of you every day.

    I’ll definitely be there as much as I can over the coming months.

  3. Bria says:

    I think one thing that isn’t mentioned here is how much Jon has helped the students as well. So many times when Sensei was unable to come to the dojo Jon would step up to teach the students self defense. He is so good at self defense himself, and he also knows how to present it so that we can understand. I have learned so much from him, and I know many others have to.

    I’m sure that you all know how much I will miss you, and I will definitely join my father in denial. However, I am partially consoled by knowing that at least I will get to see Emily a lot when she comes to Western next year.

  4. Joni Sharrah says:

    USA Karate moved to its present location in April of 2000. The USA Karate dojo was located at Firdale Village in Edmonds, WA for 6 years and due to an old sign that the property management never removed, The Hie family became aware of our karate school which appeared to be in their neighborhood. In 2003, once Jon and Denise found our school, now in Shoreline, WA, it was clear to me that the whole family had been searching for a karate school that would meet their high standards. Having trained for serveral years before hand, Jon and Denise along with their children Emily and Sarah had attained high ranks. Their previous experience in martial arts was different in style, but the lessons of service to the dojo was greatfully carried over to the benefit USA Karate.
    It is a difficult concept for new and not so new dojo members to understand that yes, tuition must be paid (this is for the operation of the facility), but voluntary service to the dojo is essential for the upkeep, maintenance of the dojo, and helps keep tuition prices affordable for the whole community. Jon’s service to the dojo along with his Denise, Emily and Sarah will deeply be missed. USA Karate is committed to maintaining our ties with the Hie family where ever they may be. Our martial arts family continues to thrive and it is my hope that the example of selflessness of Jon, Denise, Emily and Sarah in service to the dojo and the community at large will encourage the existing members of USA Karate to realize how important their volunteer service is to us all.

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