Stay hydrated – Students pick up your free water bottle, while supplies last

USA Karate is offering every student a complimentary sports water bottle. We want to encourage our students to stay hydrated to improve performance and guard students from dehydration, and heat illness.

Bringing your own water-filled bottle allows for more frequent hydration during workouts.

Encourage your kids to stay hydrated and healthy on and off the dojo mat by following these tips:

Carry a water bottle and drink from it often

Have sports drinks handy for training sessions (the dojo has sports drinks available for $2.00) or you can bring your own.

Water is the best source of hyrdration, sports drinks may be recommended for workouts that extend longer than 1 hour.

We recommend that our students drink 1 – 2 cups of cool water 1 – 2 hours before karate class. It’s wise to drink 1 – 1 and half cups of cool water 10 to 15 minutes before training. (Arriving to the dojo 10-15 minutes before the start of class is highly recommended)

Bringing your own water-filled sports bottle will allow us to encourage hydration during karate classes without losing precious class time.

Within 2 hours after karate practice or other sports workout, drink 3 cups of cool water for every pound of body weight you lose during exercise.

More fluid tips to follow:
Choose cool water, 100% fruit juice, and sports drinks instead of soda, fruit cocktails, and energy drinks.

Drink fluids until you no longer feel thirsty

Drink fluids throughout the day.

Finally, every pound you lose during practice equals water weight loss. Drink 3 cups of luid to replace each pound of water lost.

Pick up your free water bottle at USA Karate while supplies last. More detailed information is also available upon your request.

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