Rome Tournament Photos

Leigh Gardner has posted 83 photos and two videos of the Rome Trip and tournament, on Flickr.

The two videos (part one and part two) are of Shihan’s kumite match. Especially interesting if you’ve never seen Shihan Joni spar in a tournament. Any clues about what the center ref was telling Shihan’s opponent, when he stopped the match (near the end of part one)?

A couple of unplanned events made the audience gasp: First, Shihan was attacked by a couple of young thugs. Of course, she dispatched them easily. Later, an athlete looks for revenge, after having his Gi jacket stolen by a bully with a stick.

Leigh took some great photos, and it’s a testament to her speed that she was able to dash in front of the lens on a couple of occasions. Here, Coach Alan gives instructions to young athletes.

It was Italy, but our team managed to stay dead serious at all times — except the brief moment when Katy saw a ghost.

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